statuscollecting & keepingtradingtrade with me? :D

amethyst (5/15)

aurorae (9/15)

clouds (8/15)

copper (11/15)

fluorite (5/15)

garnet (6/15)

hibiscus (7/15)

hydrangeas (11/15)

lavender (7/15)

moon (11/15)

salardeuyuni (5/15)

sapphires (14/15)

starfish (7/15)

stars (9/15)

tanzanite (7/15)

volcanoes (10/15)

waves (9/15)

winter (4/15)

future collections - will trade for collecting

If you need one or two of these to master, feel free to request them even if you don't have stuff I need. :D

Also, if I have five or fewer cards from a single deck, you can request those too, but I'll only trade for other decks in this section. Preferably ones where I have more than five cards! :p